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Explaining Trans Fats

Just about every magazine article, show and diet book is jumping on the band wagon about trans fats. Most of the commercials you see now will mention that their product has Zero trans fat, or 50% less trans fat. But do you even know what trans fat is and how it effects your dieting and your body?? Well we are going to try and explain as best we can exactly what it is and why you need […]

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Losing Weight-4 Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goal

Making the decision to lose weight is easy, losing the weight is the harder part. There are ups and downs, ebbs and flows, you can hit a peak and then level off and not lose any weight for awhile. All of these things can leave you feeling drained and ready to give up, but don’t! Not just yet. These 4 tips will help keep you on track and achieve your goal weight, if you stick to it! […]

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9 Important Diet Tips

The T.V. ads promise miraculous results as long as you use their products, and if you read the fine print on just about every commercial, box, bottle or magazine ad it will say ‘with proper diet and exercise’ well if that’s the case what do you need their product for? It doesn’t have to be this difficult to lose weight, you don’t have to try a million different products or spend a ton of money. Unless you […]

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