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Quick Weight Loss-Can You Do It Safely?

With so many diets out there promising amazing results which one is right for you? If you are looking to lose weight quickly for a specific occassion then you might want to try one of the following diets, but remember, trying to lose weight quickly usually isn’t recommended because they usually aren’t healthy, but if your doctor give the ok then just make sure it is not done more often than recommended. So here are some diets […]

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Eat Breakfast To Lose Weight Fast!

It has been proven that people who eat a healthy breakfast lose more weight and do it quicker. If you are one of those people who believe that skipping breakfast or lunch and eating like a bird is the only way to lose weight you’re wrong. I know you hate hearing that but it’s true! Eating a good breakfast will determine how your body burns fat and calories the rest of the day. But how can you […]

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Could the Key to a Long, Healthy Life Be Eating MORE Carbs, Not Less???

Prepare to be shocked: despite all the bad news you have heard about carbs, the real key to a long, healthy life is to eat more of them, not less. It’s true. But here is the important part of eating more carbs for good health – you have to eat more of good (i.e., complex) carbs and you have to eliminate bad, or simple, carbs. Good carbs include things like fresh fruit, non-starchy vegetables, non-gluten grains, nuts […]

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